New Syria Country Guidance Determination from Upper Tribunal – KB (Syria)

The Upper Tribunal has issued its determination in the new Syria CG case; KB (Failed asylum seekers and forced returnees) Syria CG [2012] UKUT 00426 (IAC):
Head note is as follows –
a. This country guidance replaces previous guidance in SA & IA (Undocumented Kurds) Syria CG [2009] UKAIT 00006.
b. In the context of the extremely high level of human rights abuses currently occurring in Syria, a regime which appears increasingly concerned to crush any sign of resistance, it is likely that a failed asylum seeker or forced returnee would, in general, on arrival face a real risk of arrest and detention and of serious mistreatment during that detention as a result of imputed political opinion. That is sufficient to qualify for refugee protection. The position might be otherwise in the case of someone who, notwithstanding a failed claim for asylum, would still be perceived on return to Syria as a supporter of the Assad regime.’