About Us

Madeleine Anderson

Madeleine has worked as an Immigration Lawyer for 15 years, starting out at the Immigration Advisory Service in 2008, the UK’s then largest provider of immigration legal representation. She has since worked in a private law firm and the voluntary sector, coming to ILAC in 2012. She has extensive experience in representing clients in all categories of immigration, asylum and nationality matters both at application and appeal stage.

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Zareen Preston

Zareen is highly qualified in immigration law having been immersed for the past 17 years in the sector. She started her career at the Immigration Advisory Service in 2006 where she represented clients at both application and appeal stage. She came to ILAC in 2012 and has continued to provide a service in all areas of immigration, asylum and nationality law. Zareen is qualified to see your case through from beginning to end being qualified to represent you at both application and appeal stage.

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Both Madeleine and Zareen are accredited by The Law Society. They have represented hundreds of clients and have extensive experience of representation in the Immigration Courts. You can be assured of an efficient and professional service with an honest and realistic opinion on the merits of your application or appeal.

Both Madeleine and Zareen are qualified to advise and represent you in all matters of immigration and asylum and are registered by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at the highest level in all categories.

ILAC have built up a strong client following since beginning in 2012, with many clients returning over and over again.

Madeleine and Zareen are founder members of ILAC. Madeleine and Zareen have a strong belief that the recent austerity measures which have led to a cut in legal aid should not mean that people are not able to access good quality legal advice and representation. ILAC’s fees are typically much cheaper than those of a private solicitor or lawyer without there being a compromise on quality and service.